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TIGR2ESS: Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies

A Global Challenges Research Fund project

This will be an interdisciplinary and highly interactive meeting, designed to inspire new ways of addressing the challenges of food security at a practical level. By convening a diversity of subject experts and allowing time for meaningful discussions, we aim to generate novel, practical solutions.

A small number of high profile speakers will present specific food security-related challenges faced in India and Africa, on the themes of:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Food Supply Chains and Trade
  • Gender, Nutrition and Policy

Talks will be followed by panel discussions and workshops.

We encourage you to attend if your research or practice is relevant to these topics, and to contribute your views and expertise to help drive positive change.


For more information and registration details, please see the following link:


Monday, 8 April, 2019 - 08:30 to Tuesday, 9 April, 2019 - 16:00
Event location: 
The Gillespie Centre, Clare College, Queens Road, Cambridge CB3 9AJ