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TIGR2ESS: Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies

A Global Challenges Research Fund project

Academic papers

Digital supply network design: a Circular Economy 4.0 decision-making system for real-world challenges, Tsolakis N, Harrington TS, Srai JS, Production Planning & Control, 2021

Interplay between Competing and Coexisting Policy Regimens within Supply Chain Configurations, Srai JS, Joglekar N, Tsolakis N, Kapur S, Production and Operations Management, 2021

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Climate Predictions for Ludhiana District of Indian Punjab under RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5, Kaur S, International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 5, 2019

Sensor Applications in Agrifood Systems: Current Trends and Opportunities for Water Stewardship, Tsolakis N, Aivazidou E, Srai J, Climate, 3, 2019

Studies on artificial groundwater recharge through abandoned well, Brar P, Kaur N, Aggarwal R, Kaur S, Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 2019

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Sustainability Performance in Food Supply Networks: Insights from the UK Industry, Tsolakis N, Anastasiadis F, Srai JS, Sustainability, 10(9), 2018

Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles in digital supply chains: A framework for integrating innovations towards sustainable value networks, Bechtsis D, Tsolakis N, Vlachos D, Srai J, Journal of Cleaner Production, 04, 2018

Integrated Supply Network Maturity Model: Water Scarcity Perspective, Yatskovskaya E, Srai J, Kumar M, Sustainability, 3, 2018

Symposium papers

Can Input-Output Data Inform Agri-food Supply Network Reconfiguration? The Case of Water-Intensive Crop Production in Developing Economies, Settanni, E., Srai, J. S., & Lutter, F. S. (2019).

Digital Farmer-Producer Organisation (FPO) Design: The Development of an Institutional-Socially Responsible Supply Network Framework, Harrington TS & Srai JS (2019).