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TIGR2ESS: Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies

A Global Challenges Research Fund project

Academic papers

Spreading bets or going ‘All-In’? Navigating consortia-led digital innovation pathways. Production and Operations Management. Harrington TS, Joglekar N, Srai JS. Under Review.

Where have all the equations gone? The forgotten algebra of qualitative structural modelling. British Journal of Management. Settanni E, Heijungs R, Srai JS. March 2022.

Managing groundwater demand through surface water and reuse strategies in an overexploited aquifer of Indian Punjab. Journal of Environmental Science and Policy. Kaur N, Kaur S, Tsolakis N, Mishra N, Srai JS. Under Review

Sustainable Development Goals informing food supply chain design: A simulationbased analysis for in-field logistics. Tsolakis N, Harrington T, Srai JS. Annals of Operations Research. Under Review

Sustainable water use through multiple cropping systems and precision irrigation, Brar A, Kaur K, Sindhu V, Tsolakis N, Srai J, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2022

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Interplay between Competing and Coexisting Policy Regimens within Supply Chain Configurations, Srai JS, Joglekar N, Tsolakis N, Kapur S, Production and Operations Management, 2021

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Sustainable supply networks: A flexible ‘toolbox’ approach combining quantitative modelling techniques with qualitative frameworks. Srai JS, Tsolakis N, Settanni E. Working Paper. 

Symposium papers

Reconfiguring farmer producer supply systems through digital platforms. Tsolakis N, Srai JS, Joglekar N. Trinity College Science Society Annual Symposium. 2021.

Plant-based protein supply network configuration: Combining nutritional and environmental targets. Tsolakis N, Settanni E, Srai JS. 021 POMS Annual Conference. 2021

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The role of farmer-producer organisations in developing socially responsible supply networks. Harrington T, Srai JS. Industry Studies Association. 2019.

The Role of Collaborative E-Sourcing in Supply Chain Digitalization Scenarios: A Gamification-Enabled Structural Model. Settanni E, Srai JS. 30th Production and Operations Management Conference. 2019.

Farming Logistics Operations Enabled by Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles for High-value Sustainable Crops. Tsolakis N, Srai JS. 30th Production and Operations Management Conference. 2019.

Food Security: Analysis of Virtual Water Embodiment in Inter-Industry Flows Under Alternative Crop Policies. Settanni E, Srai JS. 30th Production and Operations Management Conference. 2019.

Management Interventions to Enhance Productivity of Wheat and Water Use in Changing Climate of Indian Punjab. Vashisht B. 23rd Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium. 2019.

Simulation of Future Groundwater Behaviour in Sirhind Canal Tract of Punjab Using MODFLOW. Kaur N., Kaur S. 23rd Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium. 2019.

Sustainable Supply Network Configurations Driven by Water Scarcity: Example of End-to-end Beverage Supply Chain. Yatskovskaya K, Srai JS, Kumar M. 23rd Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium. 2019.

Environmental Impact Assessment and Supply Chain Mapping of Kinnow Fruit Production – A Case Study of Punjab, India. Bhakar V., Singh H. 23rd Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium. 2019

Production and Operations Management Society 30th Annual Conference. Tsolakis N., Mukesh K., Srai J.S. Production and Operations Management Society 30th Annual Conference. 2019.

Digitalising Procurement in the UK Fresh Potato Supply System for Wastage Mitigation. Tsolakis N., Mukesh K., Srai J.S. Production and Operations Management Society 30th Annual Conference. 2019.

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