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TIGR2ESS: Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies

A Global Challenges Research Fund project
Warangal Tank. Photo credit Toby Smith/TIGR2ESS

Overview of Flagship Project 4

Flagship Project 4: Water Use and Management in a Changing Monsoon Climate

This project aims to use insights from sustainable agricultural practices in the Bronze Age Indus Civilisation and the Historic Kakatiya period to help identify sustainable practices for the present. Today, large parts of India are intensively farmed, which is causing water depletion, whereas the archaeological data sets indicate a high degree of variability in crop choice and growing conditions, which appears to have been a sustainable system that was resilient to climate change, and within which diversity may have been encouraged. We hope to use insights from past practices to inform policy and practice in the present.


Lead: Dr Cameron Petrie

Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge


Professor Martin Jones (University of Cambridge)

Kamal Vatta (CIPT/ Punjab Agricultural University: PAU)

Sandeep Dixit (Centre for International Projects Trust (CIPT))

Anthony Whitbread (ICRISAT)

Kaushal Garg (ICRISAT)

S. Nedumaran  (ICRISAT)


Ms. Sandhya NR (ICRISAT)

Adam Green (Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge)

Gurpreet Singh (Centre for International Projects Trust (CIPT))

Other stakeholders:

Banaras Hindu University, Department of AIHC and Archaeology, BHU;

Columbia Water Centre.

Latest news

TIGR2ESS is recruiting

18 December 2018

The TIGR2ESS team in Cambirdge is recruiting a half-time Impact, Data and Outreach Manager. Please check out the advert on the University of Cambridge job opportunities page, here . Please note that applications for this vacancy have now closed.

Global Food Security International Symposium, 8-9 April 2019

14 December 2018

Registration for the Global Food Security International Symposium will soon start. Applicatons for flash talks and posters can be submitted already. Please send your name, title of talk or poster, and a short summary of what you will present (max. 100 words) to . Further details about the...

TIGR2ESS workshop in New Delhi on data mining and the use of 'R'

14 November 2018

The next TIGR2ESS event will be a joint FP2/FP3 workshop, to take place in New Delhi in February/March 2019. The workshop will focus on the use of 'R' for biological data analysis and advanced crop genomics as well as expore different techniques for data mining from literature. The workshop is jointly organised by Dr...