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TIGR2ESS: Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies

A Global Challenges Research Fund project

Below, please find the research posters shown at the Workshop sessions.   

19th January 2022

Theme 1: Sustainable value chains and efficient water use

Modelling water and N use efficiency of rice-wheat cropping system as influenced by rice residue incorporation in Central Indian Punjab

Adoption of Sustainable Agriculture Practices in District Patiala, Punjab: Experiences, Challenges and Suggestions

Sustainable Farming Best Practices and Systems: Evidence from Select Case Studies from Punjab

A needs-based approach to designing socially responsible supply networks: Insights from female farmer collectives organising for equity and inclusivity

Participant farmers’ responses on changes in finger millet yield on account of new agronomic practices under Odisha Millets Mission

Public Procurement of Finger Millet (Mandia/Ragi) in Odisha

Organisational Resilience to Supply Chain Risks During a Global Pandemic

Comparative Analysis of Navdhanya (Multicrop System) with Monocropping in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Interplay between Competing and Coexisting Policy Regimens within Supply Chain Configurations

Structural analysis of India’s virtual water embodied in Global Value Networks

Speedy stomata for improved water use and photosynthesis

Climate Change and Adverse Seasonality: Implications for Food Systems

Irrigation Management for Building Climate Resilience in Dryland Agriculture


27th January 2022

Theme 2: Knowledge exchange for healthy and sustainable communities

Fostering Entrepreneurship Amongst Rural Women: A Study of Pandwala Village, District SAS Nagar, Punjab

Training Rural Women of Punjab in Sewing Techniques, Sustainable Product Designing and Production & Entrepreneurship Development

Basic Nutrition Curriculum: A Case Study of Mehar Baba Charitable Trust (MBCT) Bassi Pathana, Punjab

Poshan Vatika (Nutritional Kitchen Gardens): Green Eating for Healthy Living

Nutrition Awareness for Budding Chefs In Punjab: Bringing Nutrition to the Centre of the Food Business

Training of Trainers for Enhanced Effectiveness through Improved Soft Skills: Learnings from an Intervention

Soft Skills training to enhance Employability of Rural and Peri-urban Youth in Punjab, India

Skill Gap Analysis: A Study of District Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab

A comparison of socio-economic status, agricultural production and dietary diversity in two different geomorphological tribal settings in Akole, Maharashtra

Where and How the Pregnant and Lactating Mothers Met Food Needs during the First Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic in Kandhamal?

The Agricultural Multipurpose Co-operative Societies’ experience in Punjab: Flagging some issues

Camera in the Hands of Indigenous Youth: Participation, Films and Nutrition in India

CHIRAG VAANI: Community Media for Sustainable Food Systems

Curriculum as a Platform for Knowledge Sharing to Improve Nutrition Security and Combat Risk of Malnutrition

Destinations Matter: Social Policy and Migrant Workers in Times of COVID

GIBSONIFY: An open-source dietary surveying APP to enhance digital data collection on diets for evidence-based decision making


2nd February, 2022

Theme 3: Crop science, resilience and diversification

Pearl millet maintains photosynthetic efficiency under drought

Integrated analysis of genome-wide association studies and transcriptome profiling to understand the genetic basis of water use efficiency in sorghum

Elucidating the genetic basis of water use efficiency using genome-wide association studies and whole genome transcriptome analysis in pearl millet

Sustaining wheat yields under drought stress and improving recovery

Root architecture as an important subcomponent of performance under water deficit stress conditions in wheat 5U-5A CSSLs 

Tapping large genetic variation in water use, grain yield-related traits from global diversity panels of sorghum and pearl millet: New opportunities for enhancing grain yield and drought adaptation

Large variability in grain iron and zinc content in global pearl millet diversity panel: Novel genetic resource for enhancing grain nutritional content

Phenotypic plasticity in synthetic hexaploid wheat seedlings under water deficit stress conditions

Genetic variability for the drought tolerance in the wheat germplasm